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Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft just put the last nail in the coffin

Microsoft Windows Experience, confirmed Sunday that the company does not plan new features or hardware for the Windows 10 Mobile mobile platform. Of course we will continue to support the platform .. bugfixes, security updates, etc., and building new hw features are not the focus, wrote Sunday. It’s no surprise that Microsoft has recovered Windows 10 Mobile after killing its smartphone device business more than a year ago, firing thousands of people from Nokia and duplicating Microsoft applications for iOS and Android.

Microsoft dropped support for Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this year. One of the key issues for Microsoft was the scarcity of applications for its mobile platform. Belfiore said that Microsoft has strived to attract developers even to the point of creating applications for them, but that there are very few Windows mobile users to make it viable. We have tried VERY DIFFICULT to encourage application developers .. The money paid .. wrote applications 4 them .. but the volume of users is too low for most companies to invest.

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