Apple sucks now, and it’s your fault. Let’s talk about the latest iPhones. Can we be honest? The iPhone 8 is really an iPhone 7s. And I’ve seen too many people say “they changed the back to glass. That’s a design change” They’ve modified design a tad here and there between every single phone. It still doesn’t excuse that they slapped an “8” on this phone. It’s a mediocre upgrade at best — and it’s whole purpose is to be intentionally mediocre so you buy ACTUAL cool upgrade — the cooler device, the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is a desperate move to catch up to competition. Apple did too little for too long with their new devices and that slowly caught up to them. They aren’t the only compelling choice on the market anymore. They started slacking off and they HAD to make a solid move and give us a phone that doesn’t look and feel as dated as the rest. AND THEY ALMOST DID IT! But, in typical new Apple fashion, they got fucking lazy. First off, the notch. Fuck that notch, it does NOT have to be there. Apple has some of the greatest engineers in the world, you cannot tell me that there was no possible way to avoid that stupid notch. And I bet you any money that next year, there won’t be a notch and they’ll call it a “feature”. The problem is, they don’t have anyone there that would flat out say “we are NOT releasing this with lazy notch at the top. Figure it out.” You know why? Because that’s what Steve did. I can confidently say, without a doubt, if Steve saw this phone, he’d laugh in their face and send them back to the drawing board. And if you’re defending them on this, stop it. Stop just writing this off as a design limitation. That’s part of the problem. That’s why so many things that they do are just an afterthought. Like, here… scrolling through a webpage, the notch covers the scrollbar. You think Apple did that on purpose? NO! It’s because they don’t care enough to pay attention to these details.

I know, the notch is there because of all the amazing technology that goes into Face ID — but even THAT’S not worth the notch. The very first demo they showed on stage for Face ID failed. Everyone’s first look at Face ID ended up being “Please type in your passcode.”

And I know, everyone that wants to defend this thinks it all makes sense. Apple even came out and said it “failed” because it had detected too many faces BEFORE Craig’s — just like with Touch ID, after so many failed attempts, it asks for a passcode instead of a finger print. BUT THAT’S NOT A GOOD ENOUGH EXCUSE. That just answers one problem with another. Is it always looking at people’s stupid faces even when the screen is off? If that’s the case, you can expect it to “fail” pretty often. Not to mention, it looks significantly slower than Touch ID. Then I hear the solution “oh, well you don’t HAVE to use Face ID. You can just use a passcode instead.” WHY!? Why should I have to fall back and accept another solution because the flagship feature isn’t fully fleshed out? Why are you making excuses for them? If you, THE CONSUMER, have to make excuses for the shortcomings of a product, THE COMPANY fucked up. They flat out removed Touch ID, the thing that was super fast, accurate and reliable and gave us, essentially a feature that is still in beta and needs to be refined. Face ID being a little wonky at first would be entirely forgivable if I could just continue to use Touch ID as I have for years while they figure out Face ID. But you wanna know why Touch ID wasn’t in the phone? It’s not because they’re just REALLY confident in Face ID. It’s because they tried to put touch ID in the phone, under the display but failed and couldn’t do it in time. Them magically figuring it out and putting touch id under the display is something that I could only expect Apple to do and I would have been super impressed, but they just didn’t do it. They settled for what they had. And that is not Apple.

But you know what, they don’t HAVE to improve. They don’t HAVE get back to their roots and pay attention to details and quality control because people will just keep buying every sub-par product they put on the market. Until people hold Apple accoutable and stop throwing all their money at shit just because an Apple logo is on it, this is the kind of stuff we’re gonna see for the foreseeable future. They don’t have to change, because nobody is asking them to.


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