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Amazon Fire TV Stick – Hands On

Amazon’s Fire TV stick starts shipping on November 19, and we got our hands on one today for an early look at what promises to be one of the hottest gift items this holiday season. At just $40, the Fire TV Stick undercuts the Roku Streaming Stick in price, but …

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7 amazing technologies we’ll see by 2030

Hollywood’s depictions of the future are usually pretty far-fetched — like the flying cars of “Blade Runner” and the hoverboards in “Back to the Future II.” The World Economic forum surveyed over 800 experts and executives to find out what the future will actually look like. Here are 7 amazing …

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This Mower Can Cut Around Posts With Ease

This machine can mow around signposts. It’s called the LSM 740, and it’s made by Dücker. It uses two mower disks, each controlled by a sensor. It automatically turns the mower when near a post in order to cut around it without damaging it. This makes mowing roadsides much easier. …

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